Ministry app for managing infrastructure data planned

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
Public works minister Sun Chanthol chairs a meeting on the PR Care Project app to monitor the process of road construction on Wednesday. MPWT

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport is looking into the possibility of developing an app called “PR Care Project” to monitor and manage information on the history of road construction project implementation and evaluate the means of implementing the projects at construction sites such as human resources, materials and machinery.

Public works minister Sun Chanthol discussed the app development project during a meeting with relevant units on January 12, saying the app’s purpose would also be to efficiently monitor the monthly work progress by reporting on it from the opening of construction to the official inauguration.

He advised that the IT team from the Ministry of Information may be able to help with the app development.

Public works ministry spokesman Heang Sotheayuth told The Post on January 13 that the project will benefit administrative work management on road projects and that it reflects the progress Cambodia is making in the digital era by taking advantage of technology to ensure efficient, responsive and timely work in all circumstances.

“The goal for this app is to build a reporting system to share and send updated information both directions while also being able to access the complete history of work on any piece of infrastructure.

“For example, if we want to know the history of a road – when it was built, repaired, expanded or upgraded and how long that took, how much it cost and who did it – we’ll be able to find it in the app. This can play a central daily role in managing these projects,” he said.

He continued that Chanthol had set the goal of make the ministry’s digital transformations project a success this year because the PA Care project is for internal officials in connection with the Road Care app. Establishing a central database for these records was crucial to managing them as the size and scope of infrastructure projects in Cambodia is now expanding rapidly with Chinese investment and assistance.

Nget Moses, an independent consultant on technology security, welcomed the project and said that all of the government’s ministries should be undergoing the full transformation to digital information technologies for their data management systems.

He said he believes that the ministry’s app would make it easier for technical officials and leaders to receive reports quickly and accurately, but if the project allowed for feedback from contractors and lower level workers it would be even better.

“Data management is an important issue for Cambodia. The digital assets controlled by the various ministries will only increase going forward and each ministry should have comprehensive data protection principles and policies as well as appropriate data back-up and security protocols to make sure they don’t lose any of their valuable data later on,” he said.