E-bike services available at 10 capital City Bus stops

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
E-Bike service parking lot along Norodom Blvd in the capital’s Daun Penh district. Heng Chivoan

The Phnom Penh Autonomous Bus Transportation Authority, also known as City Bus, is touting the benefits of the new e-bike service that has been launched at 11 bus stops in the capital.

The e-bike service was launched on November 2 as a complement to the City Bus service, which just resumed operation after a lengthy pandemic-related suspension.

City Bus administrator Eang Sok Khim told The Post on December 1 that there are a total of 75 e-bikes available now and that they plan to expand the service to 250 e-bikes soon and making them available at all of the bus stop in Phnom Penh.

“After riding on the bus, people can grab an e-bike and drive it anywhere they want and then leave it there after using it because our staff members will come and retrieve it wherever it is.

“For the e-bike service we charge 160 riel ($0.04) per minute. Users can deposit money into their account like they do with mobile phone credit. They deposit money into our machine and then order an e-bike through the app,” he added.

He said the purpose of connecting the e-bikes with the bus service is to help passengers reach their destinations safely and conveniently and because the bus stops are already established as transportation hubs.

Kong Rattanak, director of the Institute for Road Safety, said the e-bike is a good option because of its convenience, affordability and availability everywhere.

“In order for people to use the e-bikes, they will have to know about them and be aware of the service. This may require the encouragement of important people such as public officials, celebrities and so on acting as role models,” he said.