The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) is implementing a World Bank-funded Project under Cambodia Southeast Asia Disaster Risk Management Project (CDRM). Portion of the planned investments are intended to be bid out under “Output- and Performance-Based Road Contract” (OPRC) following international good practice. This contract model introduces new principles, which are different in concept and implementing approach, following an “outcome-based” contractual model as compared to traditional road modeling contracts.

It is the intention of the MRD and the World Bank that for efficient procurement and implementation of the project of this nature, awareness workshop on OPRC be undertaken and introduced to prospective civil-works contractors in the industry both domestic and international to ensure a common understanding of the core principles and obligations under the OPRC contractual model. With the intention to raise the awareness of the industry, MRD would like to invite interested parties and prospective civil-works contractors to attend and participate in this workshop.