Vietnamese culinary records recognised after eight years

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Vietnam owns the most ‘strand and broth’ dishes in the world. VIET NAM NEWS

The World Record Association (WRA) based in Hong Kong acknowledged five world culinary records from Vietnam.

These five world records of Vietnamese cuisine were recognised by the World Records Union (WorldKings) in 2020, after over eight years of research and nomination.

This is the first time that Vietnam has held five culinary records granted by two world organisations at the same time.

According to Vietnam Records Organisation (VietKings), WRA has approved five world records of Vietnamese cuisine: the most “strand and broth” dishes, the most kinds of Mam (salted fish) and dishes made from Mam with typical flavours, the most dishes made from flowers, the most kinds of special rolls, and the most dishes made from rice flour in the world.

The new records have showcased the world’s recognition of the attractiveness of Vietnamese cuisine with rustic, simple but flavourful dishes, which have been created from natural ingredients, passion of local chefs and the inheritance of tradition.

“Vietnamese dishes not only have a balance of flavours such as sour, spicy, salty, sweet and bitter, but also a perfect balance of nutrition,” said Le Tran Trưong An, the General Director of VietKings.

“Such dishes deserve to become culinary heritages that need to be preserved and promoted. They are truly the quintessential values of Vietnamese cuisine passed down from the ancestors and have been constantly innovated by chefs over time.”

VietKings also revealed that the organisation is finalising a dossier to nominate six new culinary records to WorldKings and WRA, continuing the journey of promoting Vietnam’s special values to the world.

“The journey to search and promote the special values of Vietnamese culinary art was started by VietKings in 2012. Although it took much time and effort to comply with the procedures and criteria, we didn’t feel worried as the nominations had always received attention from all over the country. Localities have nominated thousands of their dishes and specialties with distinctive flavours. Thanks to that, the process of submitting applications to WorldKings and WRA did not face any significant difficulties,” An said.

“For the first time, five world records of Vietnamese cuisine have been set and acknowledged by two international records organisations at the same time, which is really good news”.