Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)
National Implementation Office (MAFF-NIO)
Climate-Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Program (Rice-SDP)
ADB Loan no. 8271-CAM


1- The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has received loans from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF), and grants from the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) and the SCF to implement the Climate-Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Program (Rice-SDP). The SCF is a part of the ADB’s “Strategic Program for Climate Resilience” (SPCR) which aims to facilitate more effective integration of climate change adaptation (CCA) and related disaster risk reduction (DRR) into development processes, for improving resilience to climate change and climate-related disasters.
2- The MAFF-NIO will apply a part of the loan from SCF (ADB Loanno. 8271-CAM) to recruit a consultant firm to (i) undertake identification of at least 10 rice millers from each of the three target provinces through conducting consultative workshops,(ii) discuss with the selected millers to identify their immediate needs,and develop plans and provide consultancy service to improve theircapacity in both technical and financial terms, (iii) support the rice millers in assessingtheir existing machineriesand advise themto replace/upgrade/rehabilitate some parts or equipment to get better performance and supervise the upgradation or rehabilitation if any, (iv) engage at least 10 local firms to participate in providing advisory services to rice millers, and (v) assist rice millers to access financial sources through development of bankable business plan.
Objectives and Scope of Work
3- The consulting services are required for a duration of 12 months with 18 person-months of national and 18 person-months of international consultant inputs. The consultants will be required to undertake the following tasks:
Prepare the criteria for the selection of 10 rice millers from each of three target provinces (Battambang, Kampong Thom,Prey Veng) to receive thecapacity building support;
Organize two consultativeworkshopsin each target province for rice milling industry,(i) toidentify 10 rice millers to receive this RMCD service; and (ii)to conclude the final achievement;
Assist the selectedrice millers to identify their problems/constraints in operationand provide possiblesolutions;
Survey the rice mills to specify the conditions of existing technology,production process, machines,equipment,storage management, products and by-products in order to support in establishingtheir development plans both for technical and financial efficiencies;
Provide rice milling business development plan including financial plan for immediate development. The consulting company is required to submit the rice mill business model for evaluation;
Provide 3 consultative trainings, one in each of the 3 targeted provinces, to a total of at least 100 staff of financial institutions on the needs of farmers who wish to diversify their livelihood sources;
Assist and coordinate farmers training on the requirements of financial institutions for gaining access to credit;
Organize 3 multi-stakeholder consultative workshops (rice millers, financial institutions, and other stakeholders in consultation with MAFF-NIO and MEF/PMO), one in each of the 3 targeted provinces, to generate awareness of rice millers on access to financial sources;
Engageat least 10 local firms who have businesses related to the rice mill, drying and storage technology, surveyor, exporter, logistics, banker, and other stakeholders to provide advisory services to rice millers;
Analyze and identify the existing rice milling performance by using a set of rice milling testers/analyzers before giving advices on how to improve thequality of milled rice. The consultants are required to submit a list of proposed rice mill testersalong withtesting methodology in theirtechnical proposal; and
Carry out any other relevant tasks entrusted by the MAFF-NIO.
Team Composition & Qualification Requirements for the Key Experts
4- The team composition and Input are as follows:

Team Composition and Consultant Inputs


Position No. of person-months
1. Key Experts (International)
(a) Team Leader/ Rice Mill Engineer or Rice Mill Financer 6
(b) Rice Mill Financial Management Specialist 4
(c) Agricultural Engineer/ Rice Mill Specialist 5
(d) Modern Rice Mill Operator (Power& Control) 3
2. Key Experts (National)
(a) Deputy Team Leader/ Rice Mill Management Specialist 8
(b) Business and Finance Specialist 4
(c) Agricultural Engineer/ Rice Mill Specialist 6

5- The planned mobilization of this assignment is from 15 March 2020 to 15 March 2021.
Detail TOR for the above consulting assignment is available at the Project Website: or ADB CSRN website at Interested firmsmust submit their Expressions of Interest (EOIs) through ADB CSRN website: or by hand delivery to MAFF-NIO at address given below.
For more information and clarification, please contact MAFF-NIO located at below address.
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Climate-Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Program (Rice-SDP)
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Only short-listed Firms/NGOs will be contacted for proposals, further evaluation and contract negotiation.Closing date for the EOIs submission is 06 December 2019.