Nongovernmental Demand-Side Implementing Agency (DSIA) to support

Implementation of the Social Accountability Framework (ISAF) Phase II

The Development Objective of ISAF Phase II is to improve the performance of public service providers through improved transparency, strengthened citizen engagement and responsive action.
The role of the ISAF Demand-Side Implementing Agency (DSIA) will be to ensure the effective implementation, management, monitoring and oversight of demand-side, civil society-implemented ISAF activities financed through the Social Accountability and Service Delivery Trust Fund (SASD-TF), and perhaps other sources, in target communes/districts over the five years of ISAF Phase II.
Once the most qualified organization is selected to perform the function of the DSIA, the World Bank, as the administrator of the SASD-TF, will work closely with the selected organization to prepare the detailed design and costing of the activities and negotiate an agreement for implementation.
The Terms of Reference can be requested from Ms. Narya Ou, Email: [email protected]. The deadline for receiving responses to this EOI is June 28, 2019, Phnom Penh time.