Date: 06 March 2020
Grant/Loan No.
and Title:
2983/8265/0334/0335-CAM: Greater Mekong Subregion Southern Economic Corridor Towns Development Project
Contract No. and Title: PMU/MPWT/SECTDP/ICB/CW10
Construction of Neak Loeung Flood Control Subproject
Deadline for Submission of Bids: 22 April 2020, 10:00 am (local time)

1. The Kingdom of Cambodia has received financing from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) toward the cost of Greater Mekong Subregion Southern Economic Corridor Towns Development Project. A portion of this financing will be used for eligible payments under the Contract named above. Bidding is open to Bidders from eligible source countries of the ADB. The eligibility rules and procedures of ADB will govern the bidding process.
2. The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) (“the Employer”) hereby invites sealed bids from eligible Bidders for the construction and completion of the following contract package.

IFB No. Contract Title Location Duration
PMU/MPWT/SECTDP/ ICB/CW10 Construction of Neak Loeung Flood Control Subproject Neak Loeung town of Preveng Province, Cambodia 30 months

The works consists mainly the construction and completion of Flood protection with 7 m wide road on top of the dike, central drainage, detention pond and pumping station with the major items as below:
(i) Embankment 323,000 cu.m
(ii) U-Shaped Concrete Open Channel 310m
(iii) Detention Pond 250m x 165m and Pump Station
3. International Competitive Bidding will be conducted in accordance with ADB’s Single-Stage: One-Envelope Bidding Procedure with post Qualifications and is open to all Bidders from eligible countries.
4. Only eligible Bidders with the following key qualifications should participate in this bidding:
(i) The bidders’ net worth for the last year shall be positive.
(ii) Minimum average annual construction turnover of US$7.50 million calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress or completed, within the last three (3) years (2016-2017 & 2018).
(iii) The Bidder must demonstrate that its financial resources defined in FIN - 3, less its financial obligations for its current contract commitments defined in FIN - 4, meet or exceed the total requirement for the Subject Contract of US$0.94 million
(iv) Participation in at least one contract that has been successfully or substantially completed within the last Five (5) years and that are similar to the proposed works, where the value of the Bidder’s participation exceeds not less than US$7.50 million The similarity of the Bidder’s participation shall be based on the physical size, nature of works, complexity, methods, technology or other characteristics as described in Section 6, Employer’s Requirements.
5. To obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents, eligible bidders should contact:
H.E. Vong Pisith, Project Director
Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Room 2, Third Floor, Western Building,
CNR Norodom Blvd. & Street # 106, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Tel/Fax: +85523426110
E-mail: [email protected]
6. To purchase the bidding documents in English, eligible bidders should;
(i) Write to address above requesting for the bidding documents for the Contract Package No. PMU/MPWT/SECTDP/ICB/CW10
(ii) A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders on submission of a written application to H.E. Vong Pisith, Project Director, at PMU-Office, #2, Third Floor, Western Building, CNR Norodom Blvd, & St #106, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of US$200 or its equivalent in Cambodian Riel being 800,000.00 Riel. The method of payment will be in cash or deposit to Bank Account No.000000001333 of National Bank of Cambodia. The Bidding Documents may be collected in person or may be sent by email or courier, but the bidder has to deposit the fee at the above bank account and to pay for courier charge by his/her arrangement as appropriate at the discretion of bidder. Other than payment of the non-refundable fee specified above, there shall be no other conditions for the purchase of the bidding documents.
(iii) The bidding documents will be issued during normal working days from between 8:00 am – 11:30 am and 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm at the address under 5 above, from 06 March 2020.
7. Deliver their bids:
(i) To the address given under item 5 above
(ii) On or before the deadline: 22 April 2020, 10:00 am local time
(iii) Together with a Bid Security in the amount as specified in the Bidding Documents.
For the purpose of determining the equivalent amount of the required Bid Security in a freely convertible currency, the selling exchange rate published by the National Bank of Cambodia on the date 28 days prior to the deadline for Bid submission shall be applied.
Bids will be opened immediately after the deadline, in the presence of bidders’ representatives who choose to attend.
The bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its Bids and the Employer shall not be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process.