Connectivity vital to Vietnam’s deeper integration

Publication date 16 January 2020 | 21:10 | ICT

Connectivity and infrastructure are key elements to lower trade costs and help Vietnam develop both global and domestic markets.



  • UK hopes to engage more closely with Asean

    Publication date 16 January 2020 | 20:58 | ICT

    The UK has expressed hope of attending future Asean meetings as the country doubles down on its ambition to be a dialogue partner with the Southeast Asian grouping after Brexit – which is expected to take place by the end of this month.

  • Delta jet dumps fuel on school playground

    Publication date 15 January 2020 | 23:05 | ICT

    A delta airliner experiencing mechanical problems on Tuesday dumped jet fuel onto a school playground in the Los Angeles area, leaving 20 students and several adults with minor injuries.

  • EU states launch process disputing Iran’s compliance

    Publication date 15 January 2020 | 21:29 | ICT

    Three EU countries on Tuesday launched a process charging Iran with failing to observe the terms of the 2015 deal curtailing its nuclear programme, a move that sparked anger and threats from Tehran at a time of growing tensions.

  • Footage shows missiles hitting Ukraine plane

    Publication date 15 January 2020 | 21:29 | ICT

    New video footage has emerged showing two Iranian missiles tearing through the night sky and hitting a Ukrainian passenger plane, sending the aircraft down in flames and killing all 176 passengers and crew on board.

  • New trial opens for South Korean ex-leader

    Publication date 15 January 2020 | 21:28 | ICT

    The retrial of ousted former South Korean president Park Geun-hye began on Wednesday over the sprawling corruption scandal that saw her impeached, convicted and jailed, only for the hearing to end after five minutes.

  • VN hospitals face shortage of funds for insured patients

    Publication date 15 January 2020 | 21:27 | ICT

    Health insurance funds that cover insured patients ran out last August at many hospitals and health centres in Vietnam’s southern province of Dong Nai, affecting insured patients’ benefits, said the provincial Department of Health.

  • Working-age population on downward trend in Thailand

    Publication date 15 January 2020 | 21:26 | ICT

    The working-age population in Thailand will witness a downward trend, from 43.2 million to 36.5 million, with the rate of newborns at -0.2 per cent, the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDC) said.

  • ‘Misfired explosion’ behind Pertamina oil spill in West Java

    Publication date 15 January 2020 | 21:25 | ICT

    A misfired explosion during the drilling of the YYA-1 oil well caused a massive oil spill in West Java, Indonesia, in July last year, an Energy and Mineral Resources investigation team found.

  • ‘Let’s make an offering’: Duterte jests as Taal volcano rumbles Philippines

    Publication date 15 January 2020 | 21:25 | ICT

    The Philippine government should try the “primitive way” and make an offering to calm down the rumbling Taal volcano.

  • Sex delays menopause, study finds

    Publication date 15 January 2020 | 21:23 | ICT

    Women approaching menopause who have frequent sex are less likely to cross that threshold than women of the same age who are not as active sexually, researchers said on Wednesday.