Vietnam conglomerate rolls out Vsmart Aris 5G phone

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
VinSmart introduces its smartphone Vsmart Aris 5G on Monday. Vingroup/VIET NAM NEWS/ANN

VINSMART Research and Manufacturer JSC, an affiliate of top Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup, on Monday announced its latest smartphone, the Vsmart Aris 5G, marking its trial manufacture of the first device incorporating 5G technology in Vietnam.

The event not only opens up opportunities for Vietnamese users but also shows domestic enterprises’ capacity of making products with world-class technology, the company said in a press release.


Vsmart Aris 5G is the result of a partnership between Qualcomm Vietnam Co Ltd, the Vietnamese arm of US-based wireless technology maker Qualcomm Technologies Inc, and VinSmart.

It is close to the high-end segment, with premium and unique features such as monolithic metal frame, supporting 5G Sub 6 GHz network and chip integrated in the quantum security.

Of note, products using advanced Snapdragon 765 module platform solution get outstanding performance and diverse network support capacities.

VinSmart deputy director Tran Minh Trung said the Vsmart Aris 5G smartphone is the first product in the world to use the Snapdragon 765G 5G module platform which is not only compatible with most open markets and data operators in the world, but also shortens design-time by the flexibility of hardware architecture.

This key feature will bring many advantages to Vsmart’s global business strategy in the future, he said.

“5G will determine the success of digital society. All countries are using 5G networks to showcase their science and technology. Therefore, we identify 5G as our strategic project in addition to our focus on developing smart technology product lines,” Trung said.


VinSmart will not only research and manufacture its own hardware and software, but also create a “make in Vietnam” 5G ecosystem, he said. “We hope Vietnamese users will soon get access to and use the most modern and advanced technology in the world.”

The Vsmart Aris 5G smartphone is integrated with a quantum security chip developed in collaboration with Switzerland’s quantum-safe crypto solutions firm id Quantique SA (IDQ), said VinSmart.

Its Quantis QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generation) security chip uses quantum physics principles to create truly random and totally unpredictable sequences of numbers which are in stark contrast to most solutions on the market that use pseudo-random number algorithms.

This consequently enhances the safety and security of user data on the phone, especially sensitive data such as banking, medical or personal finance information, it said.

Nguyen Phi Tuyen, director of the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority’s Metrology Centre, said the centre has conducted many tests on the smartphone.

“Our tests show that 5G speed on this trial Vsmart smartphone using Sub6 band is nearly 10 times higher than 4G speed. The speed is expected to continue to increase when Vsmart uses mmWave band in the near future.

“We hope Vsmart will constantly accelerate the development and improvement of other 5G products toward universalisation of this technology in Vietnam as the development of 5G technology not only contributes to the economic development but also opens up an era of connectivity in the technological revolution,” Tuyen said.

In the near future, VinSmart will continue to research and perfect the next-generation of 5G products. Vsmart-branded phones will be able to support two 5G bands including sub6 and mmWave, it said.

The unveiling of the phone was a clear display of Vietnam’s acceleration into Industrial Revolution 4.0 and built up confidence that the country will be able to compete with the world’s leading countries in 5G technology in the future.