Kita provides export market consultant programme

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The Korea International Trade Association Chairman Koo Ja-yeol meets with trade experts Monday to share case studies on the export front and to seek ways to support SMEs in the post-coronavirus market. KITA

In order to help out small and medium-sized exporters in the global market, the Korea International Trade Association (Kita) and its business consultants have met to share successful case studies on the trade front, officials said on April 5.

“Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the global economy has faced a shift into a digital era and a new value chain,” said Kita chairman Koo Ja-yeol during a meeting with the association’s export consultants.


“For [Korean] companies to gain momentum in the face of this paradigm shift, it is crucial that [Kita’s] experts provide their experience and trade insights,” he said.

The meeting, held at the Kita headquarters in southern Seoul’s Samseong-dong, was attended by Koo and 14 trade consultants – representing the 70-member pool.

One case study focused on a succulent plant exporter that managed to achieve $30,000 in exports last year, on the back of Kita’s help.

The Kita consultant in charge not only assisted the corresponding company throughout customs procedures and market research, but also communicated directly with Japanese customs authorities when a problem occurred during exports.

Last year, Kita provided export consulting services to 15,462 firms, of which some 1,000 had little or no experience in the overseas market, officials said.

Koo, also the chief of LS Group, was appointed in February as the 31st chairman of the trade organisation that represents over 70,000 member companies. LS Group, where Koo currently sits as chairman, was spun off from LG Group in 2003 and includes energy affiliates such as LS Cable & System and LS Electric.


He is the first Kita chief in 15 years who does not come from a civil service background and is also following the footsteps of his late father, Koo Pyeong-hoe, who filled the seat from 1994 to 1999.