French catering firm enters Kingdom

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
Newrest Group Services SAS has 29,000 staff in 58 countries and territories. French Embassy

French food catering giant Newrest Group Services SAS has entered into Cambodia’s fast growing food and beverage industry in response to rising demand amid the Kingdom’s burgeoning middle class.

Speaking at the launch ceremony on January 20, Newrest (Cambodia) Co Ltd general manager Bruno Thierry said the group – founded 15 years ago – has 29,000 staff in 58 countries and territories and is recognised as a global leader in multi-sector catering.


In a demonstration of its commitment to strong corporate social responsibility, Thierry said Newrest will reduce and recycle waste, cut down on the use of plastics, halt certain food products in menu items such as battery chickens – those raised on industrial farms – and fish sourced from unsustainable fishing practices.

It will also slash greenhouse gas emissions, introduce electric vehicles and systematise LED lamps, he said, stressing that the firm aims to carry out all of these measures worldwide within the next five years.

“In Cambodia, this policy is applied, for example by establishing a strong partnership with Newrest’s suppliers and customers in order to offer the most suitable solution favouring a short product’s supply chain, control and reduction of food waste.

“As you can see, Newrest has a long and rich history, and I have no doubt that its future in Cambodia will contribute to it,” Thierry said.

French ambassador to Cambodia Eva Nguyen Binh lauded the move, saying that the company – one of the leaders of its sector – will reinforce France’s presence in Cambodia as well as the French business community in the Kingdom, where its experience and support will be valuable.

She said: “The establishment of Newrest in Cambodia – a diversified catering group with impressive growth – will not only further generate business and create more jobs, but will also allow for the exploration of new development opportunities in Cambodia.”


Presiding over the January 20 launch, Minister of Commerce Pan Sorasak welcomed the Newrest’s presence in Cambodia, saying the government supports strong ties with all countries, and with France in particular.

He said: “The arrival of Newrest, an international company, coincides with a new phase of acceleration in Cambodia’s development and hence illustrates the strength of its economy.

“Newrest has decided to establish itself here despite the backdrop of the global crisis, believing in its chances in a country that has self-equipped itself with the means to deal with it [the pandemic].”

And addressing the company, Sorasak added: “we welcome you with open arms and a wholehearted smile here in Cambodia, which is open to investment and tourism through a policy of non-discrimination, a policy of tax breaks to encourage investment, an open-sky policy and other policies favourable to businesses and investments that have been adopted by the Royal Government of Cambodia.”