Derivatives market remains profitable as other sectors hit by Covid-19

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
Golden FX Link Capital business manager Nhim Kosol

The Covid-19 pandemic has harmed several key economic sectors in the Kingdom since the outbreak earlier this year.

While the measures taken certainly helped curb the spread of the virus, many industries were hit. Revenue-generating sectors in the Kingdom such as real estate, tourism, restaurants, hotels, aviation and exports, among others, have suffered heavily as economies around the world contracted amid the crisis.


The local economy reeled under pressure too as the jobs market shrank after industries slashed production, which led to a dip in household incomes.

Many businesses switched to online platforms to maintain their commercial activities and offered their services without major disruption. This allowed their employees to work from home as these companies continued to service their clients remotely.

The Cambodian derivatives market was insulated as it allows investors to trade on derivative products such as foreign currencies, gold, silver and crude oil via a high-tech trading platform that is recognised by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC).

While the derivatives market offers many different opportunities to generate profits, knowledge, skill and experience are all important elements when it comes to investing in this sector.

Investors should identify and mitigate risks to a very low level according to their investment strategies. Risk management also necessitates the proper selection of a derivatives brokerage firm and an approved derivatives representative, one licensed or accredited by the SECC.

With a brokerage firm such as Golden FX Link Capital and a derivatives representative can assist potential investors in analysing market volatility and provide expert investment advice to equip investors with professional trading know-how so they can make prudent investment decisions.