Koam Chanrasmey's picture
Video Production Manager

Chanrasmey Koam (Rasmey) was born in Kandal Province, Cambodia in 1989 and has been involved in media advocacy since an early age.
From 2004-2007 he was a young reporter on the weekly Youth Today TV show. In 2006 Rasmey was a scriptwriter on the Imagine Our Mekong documentary Life Without Choice. In 2007 he was awarded an Imagine Our Mekong Fellowship and produced, directed and wrote the film Floating Village examining the situation of Vietnamese migrant children living in a floating village on the Tonle Sap.
Rasmey has written a TV series exploring issues around maternal health, produced acclaimed documentary for local NGO MoPoTsyo, and worked as freelancer for differences projects including national and international partnerships.

Kun l’bokator has been described as not just a fighting technique, but also a way of life. Top right: A depiction of kun l’bokator found at Angkor Wat. Photo supplied
Cleared land is on the left, while on the right is a tough scrub. Grandis’ plantation is in the middle distance.