Post Weekend

Post Weekend

Grandmother Lang sits outside the cave, where she mediated for four years when she first arrived.

The nun in purple defying norms

After receiving a sudden spiritual urge more than three decades ago, ‘Grandmother’ Lang left her comfortable domestic life to found a mountain-side meditation centre drawing hundreds of ascetics, monks, nuns and other followers

Fri, 31 March 2017 Cristina Maza, Kong Meta
Historian Steven Heder digs a bomb shelter alongside his wife Davy, (right) and Tony Malcom, an Australian teacher, (left) in 1974. Supplied/Colin Grafton

A glimpse of life in the pre-Khmer Rouge ‘bubble’

When Colin Grafton arrived in Phnom Penh as an English teacher in 1973, he had little knowledge of the unrest in the countryside that would soon engulf the capital.

Fri, 31 March 2017 Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon
Clockwise from top left: stew, okra soup, fried plantains, fried beans.

At Onwa’s restaurant, a clubhouse for Phnom Penh’s West African diaspora

Hanging on the wall of Onwa’s Food, a West African hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Boeung Tumpun, is a traditional Igbo fan made of animal hide.

Fri, 31 March 2017 Anna Koo
A Rum Rangoon on the counter overlooking Russian Market.

Miami Vice and Mai Tais over Russian Market

Three stories above the hustle and bustle of Russian Market’s northern edge, where local vendors hawk fresh fruits and vegetables and butchers take their cleavers to slabs of meat, the newly opened Sundown Social Club provides a roo

Fri, 31 March 2017 Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon

Contemporary dance project tells a tale of two B-boys

Aaron Lim and Erak Mith bring their unique b-boy-ing styles to a dance-theatre performance, Between Tiny Cities, at Skateistan in Russian Market.

Fri, 31 March 2017 James Reddick

Re/Play begs the question: to dance or not to dance?

A group of dancers on stage freeze in various poses, several lying prone on the ground. As the music begins, some of them begin making subtle, slight gestures, while others break into large dynamic movements. A few remain still.

Fri, 24 March 2017 Anna Koo

Polish Film Fest takes a punch at the far right

With 10 contemporary documentaries scheduled to screen at Meta House over two days, the second Polish Film Festival rolling out tonight and Saturday is more than a feast of film – it is a statement against right-wing politics in Pol

Fri, 24 March 2017 Anna Koo

Carving out an ‘Urban Space’ for kids and parents

With outdoor space for children at a premium, Urban Space Playground offers an oasis in Tuol Kork and a lifeline to tired parents.

Fri, 24 March 2017 James Reddick
A bowl of the crab soup, a delicacy from Kampot.

How Kraya Angkor is reviving Cambodia’s forgotten recipes

Ly San has an unusual mission for a law student: promoting authentic Khmer cuisine and studying its roots.

Fri, 24 March 2017 Rinith Taing
Ok Ngoc (left), with Kea Meng (second from left) and two other congregants. All of them bemoaned the pressure from Tay Ninh.

The global fight for control of Phnom Penh’s Cao Dai temple

The removal of a statue of controversial figure Pham Cong Tac in a local Cao Dai temple was just the latest salvo in a clash between East and West.

Fri, 24 March 2017 Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon, Rinith Taing