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Sahiba directs The Post's Photography department for both English and Khmer editions where she is responsible for curating visuals in print as well as online. Prior to The Post, she was working as a multimedia curator at Hindustan Times, where she wrote about trends, curated and edited the paper's photojournalism blog, Ground Glass. She has previously worked as a freelance photojournalist for Al-Jazeera America, and The Indypendent among other publications.
Served: A Teritama Hamburg Steak with a runny egg, mashed potato and veggies on the side.
Chy Ratana rehearses his solo.
CMAC officials remove US chemical bombs last month in Svay Rieng’s Koki commune.
Looking down from the enclosed second-floor lounge onto the dining room.
Author Madeleine Thien speaks about her book Dogs at the Perimeter.
An official processes an identification card at a voter registration office in Phnom Penh in September.
Labour Minister Ith Sam Heng speaks to the press yesterday in Phnom Penh.